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Category: Politics

James Woods destroys Al Franken in one Tweet

James Woods is no stranger to humor and politics on Twitter. He's becoming a legend at destroying democrats. It's clearly his forte.

Ann Coulter tells sick truth about Muslim refugees, liberal heads explode

Sometimes the cold hard facts will be the worst truth to swallow


Trump sends $100 million democrat city, residents confused, have nothing to complain about

President Trump just sent a democrat city $100 million to fix a really nasty problem and even the mayor is shocked. People aren't sure what to do!


Maddow fails, exposes Trump for paying $38 million in taxes

Rachel Maddow releases a leaked Trump tax return from 2005, but everyone laughs at her when they see it.

Hawaii Judge who struck down Trump's travel ban had a secret advisor

Reports coming in that the Hawaii Judge who struck down Trump's executive order had a very special gues the day before.

Trump fires 46 Obama lawyers, completely out of nowhere

Trump keeps draining the swamp and eliminating Obama waste. If Trump fills the swamp with more crud, then what's the point?

Barack Obama's birth certificate revealed - it's NOT from America!

Malik Obama just leaked his brother's birth certificate. This could be the most searched for artifact in America. Here it is!

Neighbors MAD about construction addition to Obama's mansion

Neighbors saw a construction crew at the Obama mansion in D.C. They didn't like what they saw!

Sean Spicer wears American flag pin upside down, the entire Internet tells him

When you begin a briefing with your American flag pin upside down, then prepare to be the poster boy of an all day fun fest on social media

Bill Clinton blasts Trump in fiery speech, mentions identity crisis

Clinton blasts Trump, acts like everyone is having an identity crisis at once. No, that's just the transgender people.


Hawaii takes Trump to court over new executive order travel ban

Hawaii sues Trump over the executive order that restricts travel from 6 Muslim countries.


Trump's first full month creates 280,000 jobs. Dems speechless!

Trump's February looked like Christmas for the previously unemployed. America hit huge numbers last month!

Department of Homeland Security says Trump has evidence of wiretapping

What's the evidence? We need to know cold hard facts before going any further. Is he right about Trump?

Trump just got terrible news about his tax returns

If this goes through, then President Trump won't have any power over his own tax returns.

Trump signs revised executive order on immigration, here's what changed

One country removed from the travel restriction list and several other changes.

Nancy Pelosi wants to see Obamacare repeal. Can we say hypocrite?

Pelosi was the one who said we have to pass Obamacare to see what's in it, right?


Trump trolls Schumer with hilarious photo

Will this lead to Schumers resignation?

Truth bomb! Jeff Sessions meetings with Russia set up by Team Obama!

You're going to need tin hats for this one. Tin hats and a flask of your finest beverage.

Trump quietly signs laws for female STEM jobs, media completely silent

I bet you didn't hear about this on the mainstream media! Trump signs two laws helping women attain STEM jobs and become entrepreneurs!

Most people missed the SECRET Thing Trump did for fallen NAVY SEAL Ryan Owens

Trump did this right in front of us and most of us didn't even notice!