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Trump visits frat house, goes to Iowa State football game, crowd goes WILD, chants USA USA USA

Former President Donald Trump appears to have a great time in Iowa when he visits a frat house and goes to an Iowa State football game against the University of Iowa. And yeah, Iowa State University and University of Iowa are two different schools. I know, it's weird. The students at the frat house had a great time seeing Trump and the football fans cheered for the former president while chanting "USA USA USA." That's a good sign because it seems like the students prefer Donald Trump over Joe Biden. Despite Trump's legal issues and mean tweets, many people would say he ran America much better and the rest of the countries had more respect for his administration.

Meanwhile, it always feels like Joe Biden's administration is failing, being mocked, and doesn't get the same respect from other world leaders.

And don't forget, Trump was even grilling burgers with the fans this weekend, hanging out like a good ol' boy according to The American Tribune:

Perhaps the most memorable moment of the day’s visit was when the former president and 2024 candidate showed up at the Alpha Gamma Rho agriculture fraternity house. While there he spoke to the young men, tossed footballs lined up on a beer pong table into the crowd, and even did some grilling, flipping burgers for the hungry fans.

Video originally posted by Margo Martin with the caption: "Iowa Loves President Trump"


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