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Fake Black Woman is jobless, on welfare, and faces eviction

Rachel Dolezal should've stayed white, she could have used her privileges!

Actor Bill Paxton Passed away at age 61

Complications following surgery caused us to lose a well respected actor.

Cuomo's NASTY tweet nasty about men in the girls bathroom

Spoiler - he thinks girls should deal with penis in the bathroom and daddies aren't tolerant enough

BLM bro posts “KILL All White Cops” and the judge isn't laughing

When you think Facebook is for threatening police officers, that's when you've got it wrong.

American College of Pediatrics says transgenderism is child abuse

Gender ideology harms children and now parents can see the damage they do with transgender nonsense

Here's the TERRORIST behind the next Women's March

The last women's march was lead by washed up celebrities, sharia law, and a rapist murderer. Didn't think it could get worse. It just did.

Priest feeds people RAT POISON to prove they're immortal; they all die

If you go to church and eat rat poison, then you must be crazy

Welfare queens lose their mind, can't believe they have to get a job

Welfare leeches burning tax payer money are freaking out! They might have to get off their sweaty couch and work for a living.

Liberals freak out when Trump bans CNN, BuzzFeed, and others from White House

Democrats and liberals are freaking out because Trump banned a handful of news and media outlets from attending his briefing at the White House

You won't believe what SICK thing this billionaire told people to do

Wouldn't it be nice if people could figure out their gender by now? Just look in your pants!!

Trump just dropped the USA debt by more than you think

The amount of money our country owes is crazy. I would be happy with ten percent of that in my bank account.

George tests a peener.

this is where the description goes. Keep it short and sweet like George Takei.

Peeping drone spies on sunbathing girl; Dad SHOOTS it out of the sky!

Everyone knows the drones have cameras. That's what they're for! Although, drones are not for hovering over some girl as she's trying to get a tan. That's creepy.

ISIS beheads teen when he's caught listening to Western music

A boy lost his head when he was caught listening to Western music which is against ISIS rules. If you listen to pop, then they'll pop your head off.

They posted his mugshot and then he got ROASTED

Sources say he was the brains behind a robbery. Up next, wet raisins growing on the Appalachain mountains? WOW!

Police say teacher threatened to BURN staff for this one reason

So let me get this straight - you threaten your co-workers and think they're going to say yes to your demands? No. Doesn't work like that.

Machete man hacked two people to death, CAUGHT in NC, has YUGE secret

Do the words ICE ICE BABY ring a bell? I'm not talking about the flashy dancy singer Vanilla Ice. I'm talking about a hard KNOCK KNOCK at this guys door!!

Muslim migrant SPITS on a baby, then shouts RACIST words at Mom and infant

This is a racist act of verbal terror. When you're a grown man and you're spitting on babies, then you know your life is irrelevant.

100 women get matching tattoos with republican's quote

If you see this on a girl at the bar, then RUN as fast as you can!!

Lindsay Lohan is a fake Muslim, claims she was profiled for wearing hijab

When Lindsay Lohan tries to be Muslim, she just makes a mockery of it. Here she is acting like she was profiled. What a joke.