'The Rock' reveals what his last meal would be if he knew he was going to die

In case Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson ever faces the prospect of his last meal before his execution, he has disclosed what he would eat, though the likelihood of him landing on death row seems slim. 

Over the years, people have grown curious about his eating habits, and rightly so, considering his cheat meals are nothing short of epic. 

The wrestler-turned-actor allows himself a break from his routine diet and fitness regimen and indulges in large quantities of food, such as gigantic stacks of pancakes, eggs, and pizza.

Indulging in our favorite foods is something we all enjoy from time to time, but not everyone maintains a strict diet and exercise regimen like Johnson. 

In a recent interview with Men's Health, the famous wrestler-turned-actor shared what he would eat if he were on death row. 

Brace yourselves, pizza purists, as this may trigger you: Johnson's last meal would be a double dough pizza topped with bacon and pineapple on one half and pepperoni on the other.

The Rock has also shared his love for wasabi-loaded sushi and massive chocolate chip cookies as part of his cheat day regimen.

He told his fans his motto when it comes to cheat meals: "Don't cheat yourselves, treat yourselves and enjoy your cheat meals, my friends."


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