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Will Levis dropped in NFL draft, lost $24 million, and girlfriend looks like she's gonna leave him

Will Levis looked dejected during this year's NFL draft and he may have lost $24 million by sinking further down the draft than he expected. Instead of getting drafted on pick #4 in the first round, Levis was drafted #33, the second pick in the second round, going to the Tennessee Titans where he'll likely be the #3 quarterback. Levis could have been drafted 4th by the Indianapolis Colts, but nah. He slid all the way down to pick #33 and here's what Daily Caller reported on the big money loss:

But not only was it an embarrassing look for Levis, it also came along with an expensive price tag. When you base it on the numbers of the contract values from 2022, the difference between the fourth overall pick (New York Jets cornerback Sauce Gardner) and 33rd (Green Bay Packers wide receiver Christian Watson) is over a crazy $24 million, going from $33.45 million to $9.24 million.

To rub more salt into the wound, the No. 4 overall pick gets a fully-guaranteed contract for four years, while the 33rd pick doesn’t get anything remotely close to that.

NFL Rookie Watch on Twitter chimed in to make things a little bit worse. They said:

Will Levis will reportedly start out as “QB3” for the Titans.

Titans HC Mike Vrabel said in a recent interview that Ryan Tannehill is the starter as of now, with Malik Willis as QB2 and Levis as QB3.

However, Levis will be given the opportunity to prove himself and has an equal chance to be the week one starter.

Every card is on the table for the Titans rookie QB

But hey, let's keep in mind no one is promised a draft spot by any team in any league - ever, so you really can't sit there with a shitty look on your face if you're STILL drafted to the NFL. This guy has a chance to prove himself on the biggest stage and earn a living playing a kids game. Millions of bucks for throwing a little ball around, ain't that wonderful.

I wouldn't care if I was drafted high, low, first, last - the fact you've MADE IT that far is impressive. Now earn that paycheck and try to keep your girlfriend. She's a hottie when she ain't squinting to see your smaller future paychecks.


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