Celebrity stranded after EV car dies unexpectedly

A Hollywood celebrity suffered a little mishap on the road. It was Marc Malkin from E! and his electric vehicle ran out of charge, leaving him stranded! Malkin was also the pre-show host of the Golden Globes, as noted by Page Six. Good thing he's friends with Sean Penn, because that's who showed up to save him and help him get back on the road according to Trending Politics. They wrote this up about Malkin's mishap with the EV:

A nightmare scenario for electric vehicle owners happened to one Hollywood star who recounted how a faulty battery left him stranded along a desert highway outside Los Angeles.

Marc Malkin, the E! host and staple of entertainment news coverage, saw his EV horror story covered by Page Six which quoted sources describing how his new vehicle died on January 5th as he was returning to L.A. from the Palm Springs Film Festival.

The story goes that Oscar winner Sean Penn saved Malkin from an early desert grave after his EV unexpectedly ran out of juice. Malkin called a tow truck which pulled him to a charging port in Cabazon where Penn and his publicist Mara Buxbaum were charging their own ride.

“Marc looked to one side, and Sean Penn was charging his car – and he looked to his other side and saw Mara Buxbaum (Penn’s longtime publicist) charging her car.”

“All of a sudden, they saw a little flatbed tow truck with a car on it. They all forgot to charge overnight,” the source added.

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