Johns Hopkins DEI 'Privilege List' targets white, middle-aged, Christian, and English-speaking people among others

Just when you think the woke people can't get any worse, they come out with what's being called the 'Privilege List.' This list comes from the DEI office of Johns Hopkins Medical college and it's just as bad as you would think. The list pretty much says anyone in the following categories is privileged and it pretty much sums up a huge portion of the country. I'm really unsure why a medical college would need a DEI in the first place. It seems like a complete waste of time and waste of money. The people working in the DEI office should be fired and the DEI should be removed from their campus, as it's just making Johns Hopkins look really, really bad.

The list says the following people are privileged:

White people
Able-bodied people
Straight people / heterosexuals
Cisgender, whatever the hell that means. I think it means normal people who aren't confused by their gender
Middle or owning class people
Middle-aged people
English-speaking people

If there's one thing we know about DEI it's this - the D-E-I has got to E-N-D. You know what's funny about that list, and the fact it's like half the country - it's that you're privileged just by existing. Sure, we're all lucky to be here, but there's literally no point for DEI to be a real thing. DEI needs to end immediately and Johns Hopkins needs to fire the people responsible for making their college look pathetic.

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