Gavin Newsom's wife EATS CROW after preaching "Family Values"

Gavin Newsom's wife may need to sit down and eat this crow, take this L, and slap some duct tape on her mouth before she tells another accidental joke like the one she posted on X. Jennifer Siebel Newsom posted the video below with the following text: "Dear American voters, as you head to the polls in the upcoming GOP primaries, remember what’s at stake: candidates who claim to stand for family values, but in reality use their platform and position to attack, demean, and lie about American families and communities."

That's when the Internet tilted their heads back and laughed hysterically at her, the queen of the state whose sidewalks are covered in family values excrement, and her husband with a confirmed affair dating back to 2007 where he was begging for forgiveness. Ron DeSantis handled the crappy situation when it comes to the sidewalks of California and a quick Google search gave everyone a link to a Reuters news article from 2007 reminding us that Gavin Newsom had an affair. The political news report on Reuters said the following:
San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom admitted on Thursday to having an affair with the wife of his former campaign manager, who quit a day earlier after confronting the up-and-coming Democrat and gay marriage advocate. "I am deeply sorry," Newsom told reporters, admitting the affair after the San Francisco Chronicle reported that Alex Tourk had resigned from Newsom's re-election campaign after his wife disclosed the romantic involvement. In a statement posted on his campaign Web site, Newsom described the affair as a "profound lapse in judgement." "I humbly ask all of those I have hurt for their forgiveness," Newsom said in the statement. "I will not let my personal failures impact my public duties. I believe the best way I can atone for what I have done is to focus every day on helping to make this a better city. That is what I intend to do."

Don't you love when people preach about family values and they live in a state where the sidewalks have fecal problems, the tents for the homeless look like family camping trips for meth, and her own husband admits to shagging another dude's lady. I don't know about you, but those family values don't seem like the best in the business. Make no mistake, a vote for Democrats is a vote to DESTROY AMERICA.

Their values, policies, and way of life aren't helping anyone. We went from people running small businesses and thriving to people walking into stores with a trash bag and walking out because they're no longer worried about consequences. America went from being one of the best places on the planet to a laughing stock of the galaxy. We have a failing President Joe Biden hiring circus freaks and men dressed like women to represent America, making everyone laugh at us.

We have Kamala Harris, an obvious diversity hire to represent blacks and women, but she's quite possibly one of the dumbest and most incapable people on the planet - certainly not leadership material, and definitely not a public speaker unless you order word salads from a shady buffet. Either way, Democrats aren't the answer and they don't practice what they preach. Time for change. Vote Republican if you care about your future. And to you, Jennifer, EAT CROW and shut up. You know nothing.

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