Epstein-linked court documents released, 943 pages

Looks like the first set of court documents linked to Jeffrey Epstein have been officially released and there are multiple famous names already listed on it. People have been wanting to see the Jeffrey Epstein client list for decades, and now they'll get a glimpse of who may or may not be on that list. These 177 names are likely high-profile associates and it's unclear to what level they were connected to Jeffrey Epstein, the deceased and disgraced financier who trafficked people in horrible ways - and who definitely did not kill himself. These so-called 'Does' are likely his friends and recruiters, but could also be victims or just business associates. Once the names are revealed, then it will be further determined to what extent these people were tied to Epstein.

Here is the link to download or read the full court document file. Read at your own risk, because it might be disturbing.
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