Police swarmed George Soros' estate following violent 911 call, turned out to be a 'swatting'

Police had swarmed the New York estate belonging to George Soros in what reports say was a fake 911 call, also known as 'swatting.'  Soros is a billionaire and big time donor to Democrats, and now he's on the list of people who've been pranked with fake police calls that end up in the SWAT team arriving after someone makes a false statement on the phone or whatever, prompting the police action. The false statement usually includes some sort of violence or violent actions that would specifically trigger a SWAT type of response.

This took place when the Southampton Village Police Department got a 911 call on Saturday night, before 9pm, from someone who said they shot their wife and would maybe kill himself, and that's what sparked the police into action as reported on the NY Post and Washington Examiner:

The Southampton Village Police Department received a 911 call just before 9 p.m. on Saturday from a person who claimed he shot his wife and was considering killing himself at Soros's estate, according to the New York Post. The call turned out to be false after officers rushed to the scene, Detective Sgt. Herman Lamison said.  A police radio traffic recording obtained by the news outlet detailed how one officer responded to Soros's estate and spoke to security, searching the premises and determining it was a "negative problem."

It's unclear if the person was caught or not.

Photo: flickr.com/photos/worldeconomicforum/

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