NASCAR is up next for the 'Bud Light' treatment after tweet sparks controversy

NASCAR fans are revolting against the racing league after one tweet sparked massive amounts of controversy, which means NASCAR may soon face the 'Bud Light' treatment of being boycotted by Americans.

NASCAR posted a gay themed image and this: "We celebrate the LGBTQ+ community during #PrideMonth and beyond."

The responses were like this:

You're insulting your fans just to pander to a tiny crowd.

Get ready for the #BudLight treatment.


Nascar is dead to me.. Blocked

You do not understand your customer base do you? Nobody is saying to hate anyone but why participate? Why not just shut your damn mouth and enjoy the money you used to make. Go woke, go broke. Sorry France family.

And that makes me an ex @NASCAR fan.

Wonder why Nascar can't pack a race  track like they used to? The chase/playoffs started the slide, now it's wokeness.

And so we shall celebrate not hving anything to do with you anymore.

Woke NASCAR You couldn’t just be neutral

Ask Bud Light and Target how that worked for them.

Shame on you

You lost a big base right there.

The only pride flag I wear is that of my country. Pity you have woke activists who want to change that.

I am tired of pride month. An entire month where companies and sports leagues virtue signal to lgbtq community.
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