Bud Light goes 'woke' with sponsorship despite weeks of sales slumps

Bud Light appears to have doubled down on going woke and is sponsoring a Pride Parade in Cincinnati next month despite suffering weeks of declining sales and market value loss after the marketing failure in which they partnered with a biological male who dresses like a woman named Dylan Mulvaney.

Someone saw the sponsor list for the event and appears that the Anheuser-Busch brand is on the list for the event on June 24. This appears to be a mixed signal coming from Bud Light who was trying to make things right by showing more American commercials in hopes to win back customers, but now it seems like customers might be more inclined to continue the boycott.

Fox News reported on the incident with Bud Light:

The image on the page shows a rainbow-colored bottle of Bud Light next to a glass of beer under the heading “Together in Pride.”

Bud Light’s sponsorship of the event was first flagged by conservative critics on social media.

The Post has sought comment from Anheuser-Busch as well as from the organizers of the event.

Anheuser-Busch has seen sales of Bud Light plunge for six consecutive weeks.

In order to reignite interest in the brand, Bud Light is offering generous rebates for Memorial Day that in some cases amount to free beer.

This sponsorship may have been put in place before the Dylan Mulvaney incident, but the timeline of this so-called sponsorship is unclear. Anheuser-Busch still has time to remove Bud Light from the list of sponsors if the company wants to make amends with customers who are not happy with Bud Light's 'woke' approach to marketing.
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