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Target has 'emergency' meetings after push back on 'Tuck Friendly' propaganda clothes

Target better get its act together or they'll end up getting the Bud Light treatment! Parents are sick and tired of the 'alphabet' propaganda clothes being pushed into the public places like shelves at Target, selling 'tuck friendly' bathing suits for boys who's parents are indoctrinating them to dress like girls and make them wear girl bathing suits built with extra space to tuck their junk into.

Some Target stores in southern locations of America were forced to have 'emergency' meetings to talk about moving all the 'pride' clothes away from the front of the store after parents and customers were outraged and sick of seeing this junk. June may be 'pride' month, but that doesn't mean anyone needs to see or be forced to act like they care. And everyone knows all these stores that randomly show up with 'pride' merchandise are just trying to get an extra sale, they don't actually give a damn about any of you, better believe that.

NY Post reported on what happened:

Many Target locations across the country feature massive June Pride month displays on an annual basis, with items this year ranging from “tuck friendly” bathing suits for transgender people to mugs that say “gender fluid.”

But the retail juggernaut has been criticized by some conservatives for the displays, with children’s items particularly irking many customers.

A Target insider told Fox News Digital that many locations, mostly in rural areas of the South, have relocated Pride sections to avoid the kind of backlash Bud Light has received in recent weeks after using a transgender influencer in a promotional campaign.

A Target insider said there were “emergency” calls on Friday and some managers and district senior directors were told to tamp down the Pride sections immediately.

“We were given 36 hours, told to take all of our Pride stuff, the entire section, and move it into a section that’s a third the size.

From the front of the store to the back of the store, you can’t have anything on mannequins and no large signage,” the Target insider said

It's disgusting and repulsive and this type of merchandise should never be pushed in front of children, and don't tell me your kids are trans because that's just BS in my opinion. I firmly believe demented liberal parents are pushing their kids into this transgender fad that's both dangerous and delusional. Places like Target and every store on the planet should not support this agenda-based clothing being sold right on the floor of their stores. If they want to sell it online, then fine, but don't force people to walk by these God awful transgender clothes just to appease what, 1% of the human population, at best? What happened to majority rules? The majority pays the bills too, so don't forget that.

Hey dudes, you know what? If you want to be a woman, then wear a woman's bathing suit. Stop asking for companies to build you a special bikini to hide your little useless dingleberry in.


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