Woman busted smuggling 1,500 grams of cocaine in rubber pregnant belly

I like big bellies and I cannot lie! OK, just kidding. But here's a story about a lady who was wearing a fake preggers belly to smuggle drugs and she got BUSTED like the criminal she is. I bet her momma ain't happy, that's fo shizzle!

In South Carolina, two individuals have been apprehended by Anderson County deputies after a traffic stop led to the discovery of cocaine concealed behind what initially appeared to be a pregnant woman's belly.

The Sheriff's Office stated that Anthony Miller and Cemeka Mitchem were pulled over by deputies along Interstate 85 as part of proactive patrol efforts. Although Mitchem appeared to be pregnant, law enforcement officers became suspicious when conflicting information about her due date was provided, raising a red flag.

Shortly afterward, Mitchem became aware of the deputies' growing suspicion and promptly fled the scene. During her escape, drugs fell from the counterfeit rubber stomach, according to the police. The subsequent cleanup of the area resulted in the seizure of over 1,500 grams of cocaine.

While the incident was shared by the sheriff's office on Sunday, county records indicate that the arrests took place on April 12. CBS News has reached out to the sheriff's department for additional comments. The office also posted an image that seemingly depicts a law enforcement officer posing with the large faux pregnancy belly, an I-85 sign, and the confiscated cocaine, said CBS News.

Police have charged Miller and Mitchem with cocaine trafficking. Both individuals remain in custody, as indicated by county inmate records, with bond being denied and no release granted at this time.

Photo: Anderson County Sheriff's Office


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