Former NFL tight end Jimmy Graham hit by car

Well, that was scary. Jimmy Graham, former NFL tight end for the Chicago Bears, Seattle Seahawks, Green Bay Packers, and New Orleans Saints was involved in a t-bone accident when he was on his bicycle and hit by a car. He thought he shattered his leg, but it ended up being just a really gnarly cut that required a whole bunch of stitches.

Jimmy Graham is an NFL free agent and hasn't played professional football since the 2021 season, but he uses cycling to stay in shape because you never know if a team might reach out for some veteran help. Graham talked about it with Pat McAfee and was quoted by Men's Journal in a sports news article:

"I was on my way back to the boat, and I guess a guy in the one lane didn't see me because the sun was was coming up and just took a left and T-boned me," Graham explained. "I was going probably 20, he was going 20-25. I ripped all the skin off my back, I've got that big laceration, and luckily I had a helmet on."

He went on to explain that he narrowly avoided much worse consequences. "I guess he hit my left side, so the side that crunched into the bike just shattered the carbon fiber on the bike in six different places and then that ran into my leg," he said. "So at first I thought I shattered my leg but it ended up just being a cut. I think all the years of punishment in the NFL kind of built the calluses up, you know?"


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