Google engineer plunges to death off 14th floor in NYC

A 31-year-old Google engineer jumped to his death off the 14th floor of a 15 floor building in NYC. This is the second Google suicide in several months, making people wonder what the heck is going on! This took place on 111 Eighth Ave last night. The cops got a call of an unconscious person. The person was taken to Bellevue Hospital and pronounced dead.

Cops found handprints on the ledge of the 14th floor believed to be that of the Google engineer whose name is being withheld until family confirms his identity, according to the NY Post. The NY Post further reported on the details of this murky incident and another one that took place. The news article said the following:

Officers at the scene found handprints on the ledge of a 14th-floor open-air terrace, sources said. Investigators found no note, nor a video of the fatal plunge.

The employee’s death comes months after Jacob Pratt, a 33-year-old Google employee who also worked at the Manhattan headquarters, was found dead of an apparent suicide.

Pratt appeared to have hanged himself in an apartment at the corner of West 26th Street and 6th Avenue in Chelsea just before 6 p.m. Feb. 16.

Photo: Google Maps

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