Fox News puts Kayleigh McEnany in Tucker Carlson's old slot

Fox News is trying to make up any losses in viewership and it feels like they're begging fans to come back to the network by putting former Trump aide Kayleigh McEnany in Tucker Carlson's old slot. This comes after several other's tried to do Tucker's time slot and they failed. If you thought Brian Kilmeade could fill Tucker's shoes, then you must be insane.

And as much as some of us love Kayleigh McEnany for her politics and her stunning obvious beauty, I am pretty sure most people who wanted Tucker Carlson may be taking a stand and still staying away from Fox News. Tucker Carlson fans were devastated to hear the news when Fox News dismissed him. So now those fans are left with a bad taste in their mouth and they're bitter towards Fox News. Is there any way Fox News can make this right with Tucker Carlson's fans? Fox News needs Tucker Carlson, he doesn't need them. Tucker Carlson already has a $100 million offer from another company, so Tucker will be perfectly fine.

How's Kayleigh feel about this? Well, like the rest of us, she needs a job. She needs to provide for her family, so until she gets an offer somewhere else, she's gonna work with Fox News. She's cool, but she's not Tucker Carlson, so she's not going to have $100 million offers at her doorstep unless Hugh Hefner comes back from the dead and gives her one for a centerfold.

Kayleigh McEnany said in a Tweet: "I am honored to share that I will be hosting Fox News Tonight on @FoxNews at 8pm ET all next week (5/8-5/12)!  Set your DVR. Please join me next week as we dig into the state of politics, media, culture, and faith in America!"

Another Kayleigh McEnany video that was popular had her saying Joe Biden can't sleep his way through the next election, mocking the aging president.

Meanwhile, Tucker Carlson leaked videos have been GREAT!


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