Only Greg Gutfeld's late-night show is able to air fresh episodes right now and for the most 'Gutfeld!' of reasons

All of the network late-night shows featuring the slew of leftist hosts who all crack pretty much the same anti-Trump jokes were not able to air new content Tuesday evening.

And why? Because of a writer's strike in Hollywood.

But not all late-night shows suffered from a dearth of jokes; one of them boldly moved forward with a fresh, live show, which was Fox News' "Gutfeld!" -- starring Greg Gutfeld.

That's because Gutfeld writes his own jokes and has a stable of staffers who are not beholden to writer's unions.

As noted by TownHall:

While the bulk of host Greg Gutfeld's monologue was about Hunter Biden being the dead beat dad that he is, Gutfeld did address the bind his fellow late-night hosts are presently in.

"Happy Tuesday everyone, especially my fellow late-night hosts, or what's left of them. James Corden is on his way back to England, but the rest of them are all shut down because their writers are on strike. That's one sure way to make those shows funnier," he quipped. 

"Who knew they had writers? That's like finding out Brian Stelter had a personal trainer," Gutfeld also joked, finding a way to include a favorite target of his, leading guest Tyrus to mention it's "never over."

"But on 'Gutfeld!,' my writers don't strike," Gutfeld continued. "I strike the writers," as he showed a clip from "Spartacus" and warned "and that's for writing a good joke."

"Anyway, the only collective bargaining around here is who gets to shave my back," the host quipped before turning to how "there's big news out of Batesville, Arkansas," offering "that has to be the first time anybody ever said that."

Hunter Biden is currently going to court in Batesville, Arkansas in relation to his ongoing legal battle with Lunden Roberts over child support payments for their 4-year-old daughter. Despite court orders, Biden has been accused of delaying the process and failing to take responsibility for his daughter. Roberts is seeking to maintain the current child support payments of $20,000 per month.

Meanwhile, Gutfeld! remains on the air with fresh late-night content because Greg isn't part of the 'mainstream' late-night crowd and isn't beholded to writer's unions whose members strike so they can make more money and, likely, turn right around and give a bigger portion to their union. 

Makes no sense to us.


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