McDonald’s franchise had 10-year-olds working without pay (report says), ironically a great way to get kids out of the house

Welp, here we go with bringing back child labor! There are three McDonald's franchise operators who are facing some hefty fines after they were investigated and found to be employing hundreds of children, some only 10-years-old, many without pay, and many of them working illegally according to the Labor Department.

Ironically, this was a great way to get your kids out of the house for a few hours, but if the ten-year-old came back from a long shift at work WITHOUT PAY, then there's obviously a problem much deeper than the whole illegal child labor thing. Ya know, if I sent my kid to work after school and they came back empty handed, I'd be really, really mad.

Obviously I'm kidding for all you weirdos out there who can't take a joke. I clearly would not send my kid to work in a McDonald's at ten-years-old - I'm more of a Taco Bell guy after all. Arby's is a close second for me. If my kid wants to work there illegally at ten, then they better bring home dinner and a paycheck. Don't come home without it!

And before you get to the bottom of the story, you should know that McDonald's has a better chicken sandwich than Chick-fil-A. If you don't agree, then you can cry about it in the comment section.

Fox News had all the details on the shady situation and holy canoli, it's a doozy! Here's what Fox News wrote in an article:

The three franchisees in question – Bauer Food LLC, Archways Richwood LLC and Bell Restaurant Group I LLC – currently operate 62 McDonald's locations across Kentucky, Indiana, Maryland and Ohio.

During an investigation, officials with the department’s Wage and Hour Division discovered that more than 300 children were working longer hours than legally permitted and performing tasks that are "prohibited by law for young workers," the Labor Department announced Tuesday.

Bauer Food LLC, a Louisville, Kentucky,-based operator of 10 McDonald’s locations, which is facing a nearly $40,000 fine, hired two dozen children under the age of 16 to work more hours than allowed by law. This includes two 10-year-olds who worked at a Louisville McDonald’s, sometimes until 2 a.m., and were not paid.

The kids prepared and distributed food orders, cleaned the store, worked at the drive-thru window and operated a register, according to the Labor Department. One of them also operated a deep fryer, which is prohibited for workers under 16.

Bauer Food LLC claimed the 10-year-olds were children of a night manager and were visiting their parent at work. The operator further claimed that any work that was done was not authorized by franchisee organization management or leadership.

Archways Richwood LLC – which operates 27 McDonald’s locations – hired 242 minors between the ages 14 and 15 that worked beyond the allowable hours, the labor department said. That franchisee is facing $143,566 in civil money penalties for their child labor violations.

Meanwhile, Bell Restaurant Group I LLC, which is facing $29,267 in civil money penalties, operates four McDonald’s locations and is part of Brdancat Management Inc which operates an additional 20 locations throughout Maryland, Indiana and Kentucky.  

Investigators say Bell Restaurant Group I LLC also allowed 39 workers – ages 14 and 15 – to work more hours than legally permitted. The employer allowed them to work during school hours, according to the Labor Department.

The operator also failed to pay overtime wages for 58 workers. As a result, investigators recovered $14,730 in back wages and liquidated damages.

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