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Are you a blogger or webmaster for a news related website?

Trending Views is constantly seeking people to do traffic trades, link trades, and find ways to work together. There is more power in numbers and we can reach bigger audiences by working together.

Sadly, the people in politics are often too egotistic to realize how many readers and money we leave on the table by not working together. We’re working on changing that. Once people put their ego aside and take time to LEARN a thing or two, they realize they’ve just unlocked new sources of traffic, revenue, and partnerships.

Leave your ego aside and join us, as we’ve got over 20+ years working in publishing, websites, marketing, and advertising. Our owner, Frank Bojazi, was part of the group that invented native ads, but they were called “plugs” and it worked wonders for growing websites. Imagine what we could do NOW!? There’s money on the table and we’ll never see it by working alone. We need to team up, immediately.

Are you ready? Here’s what we offer…

Link and traffic trades

We trade links on our homepage with relevant websites. We exchange visitors with relevant websites in our sidebar, homepage, or under our content. I can teach you the ways of traffic trades with no problem. Why do this? Because you should not rely on social media for traffic. People who work together grow their audience and find new readers, generating more pageviews and revenue along the way. You like traffic and money, right?

Bloggers and Webmasters who want to embed videos can do it and send us traffic! Then we’ll send some back to your homepage!

If you have your own blog or website, then you can embed our hosted videos into your blog posts. We have a link at the bottom of our custom video player that will allow users to click through to our homepage. In return, we’ll happily send traffic back to your homepage from our content pages. This is a great way for both of us to get new readers and grow our audience.

If you’d like to embed a video, then look under any of our videos for the SHARE/EMBED button. Simply copy/paste that code into your WordPress editor and boom! You have a video! And I hope you’re using the Classic Editor, because that other stuff totally sucks!

If you’d like to syndicate our news stories, then please link back to any story that you’ve used. We allow free syndication but require a link back to the source in every post. The link back should be at the beginning of the story and say “TRENDING VIEWS” and link to the original source.

For social media influencers

If you’d like to share Trending Views content on your social media profiles and earn a portion of our revenue, then contact us to set that up. We partner with lots people on social media. Our minimum requirement is for social media influencers to have at least 15,000 followers so we can maximize reach. You can also contact us for coaching on how to grow your followers. We have many pages with more than a million followers, so we know a thing or three. We’re happy to help!

Contact us

Send an email to this address if you’re interested in any partnership opportunities. And yeah, that’s my real email. Webmail sucks.