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Silk shows side of Trump public rarely focuses on after Diamond passed away

Former President Donald Trump spoke with Silk after her friend Diamond passed away. Trump reportedly told Silk to do whatever she wanted for the services for Diamond and he would happily pay for everything.

As quoted by Trending Politics News:
I got to tell this and I pray and hope that it is okay with President Trump because he does things. And it don’t get out in public... And now that I have the world’s attention, I have to say this. So, Mr. President, please don’t get mad at me. But I got to say, when I, when this man called me and we talked about it, he said, when he, when I told him that time had passed, he said all he was heartbroken.He said, ‘we’re gonna have a nice gathering for her nice funeral.’ And I said, ‘Oh, no, we don’t we don’t have a body. We, we, we follow her wish wishes and we cremated.’

“He said, ‘Okay.’ He said, ‘I want you, I want you to do whatever you want. I want you to have the best of whatever you want. And whatever you want, Diamond will have and I don’t want you to worry about paying for nothing.’

“That’s what this man did fom my sister. He didn’t waver. He didn’t think about it. He said, ‘You know what? I gotta be there. I’m going to be there’ is what he said to me.

“Oh, God. This is what a president supposed to do. See? Jim Crow Joe Biden and called me yet, he ain’t gonna call me. It was President Donald J. Trump that picked up the phone and called me you all.”


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