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"Messed Up": Elon Musk on Dove partnership with BLM activist accused of ruining a white student's life

Dove is facing the Bud Light boycott treatment after they partnered with a BlM activist accused of ruining a white student's life. This is Dove soap/beauty products, not the chocolates, by the way. Dove partnered with a woman named Zyahna Bryant who is visibly obese and they plan to push 'fat liberation' campaign. Once Bryant shared this on social media, that's when people picked up on it and immediately called for Bud Light style boycotts of Dove. Bryant is also known to be supportive of calls to "defund the police" even though she allegedly called the cops when the Daily Mail wanted an interview.

After breaking news stories informed social media users that Dove was partnering with a BLM activist, that's when people informed others of the older news story where Bryant push a hate crime hoax, ruining a white student's life, then later admitting she "misheard" it - therefore negating it was ever true at all, and that she purposely lied and pushed a fake story that ended up causing the white college student to have her life pretty much destroyed at the time. Elon Musk saw notes of this on X and replied that it was "messed up," as Daily Mail reported in a news article about the Dove boycott over the BLM activist:

X owner Elon Musk himself weighed in on Dove's partnership with Bryant, which was first reported by, by branding it 'messed up.'  

Bryant claimed that she had overheard a white student named Morgan Bettinger threaten Black Lives Matter protesters in Charlottesville in July 2020.

But Bryant later admitted she may have 'misheard', after gleefully watching and joining-in as Bettinger was canceled and her life was destroyed.

Bettinger was subjected to a torrent of abuse and a campaign to remove her from UVA. Staff and students ganged up against her and scuppered her future prospects.


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