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'Biden's Circus Continues': Dem Rep. ripped for speech about drag queen on House floor

Dem Rep. Robert Garcia used the House floor to give a speech about RuPaul and was instantly ripped on social media for allowing 'Biden's circus' to continue. Rep. Garcia appears to be a big supporter of the drag queen community and even had a meeting with the winner of RuPaul's show to talk about activism in DC. Garcia is the first gay immigrant elected to Congress and he met with Sasha Colby, the most recent winner of RuPaul's Drag Race show.

Garcia and Colby talked about activism as reported in a news article syndicated on Yahoo:

Garcia, who has not been shy about his fandom for all things Drag Race, tells The Advocate that he was a Colby fan from day one.

“I’ve been rooting for her from episode one,” Garcia says. “I was pretty active telling folks on Twitter to support team Sasha Colby, so I’m really glad she won.”

He notes that “a lot of amazing queens this season” were featured on the show.

“Sasha Colby is an icon in the community,” he says. “She’s done so much, particularly for trans people and trans rights, and I’m just grateful to have met her.”

President Joe Biden might have one of the most diverse White House administrations out there, but has the country suffered for the sake of woke diversity?


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