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NYC Mayor suggests placing migrants in the one place most people won't like

NYC Mayor Eric Adams, obviously a Democrat, has a plan to place migrants in churches, but that's not all he has in mind. Mayor Adams also suggested school gyms as a potential place of relocation for migrants. But wait, there's more. Mayor Adams also suggests using people's private residences if you have a 'spare room' available. This is where many people may draw the line as they may not be interested in having a complete stranger from another country living in their home, even if it's temporary.

NYC is dealing with a migrant crisis as Republican states continue sending migrants to Democrat cities as their way of sending a message that the borders need to be closed or managed much better to reduce the amount of people entering the country and to start taking care of the people who already live in America. Many people in America are struggling, but Joe Biden's border is constantly allowing more people in and some cities and states don't want to take care of them, so they're shipping them to places where they can find sanctuary.

The Hill reported on what Mayor Adams was talking about in the video above, saying the following in their migration crisis news article:

The two-year partnership will allow up to 50 houses of worship or other faith-based spaces to offer overnight shelter for up to 19 single adult men at each location, according to a release from the mayor’s office.

The faith-based spaces will continue to offer their normal activities during the day, and the city will open five “daytime centers” for programming during the day.

The program will increase the city’s space for migrants by nearly 1,000 beds and will “connect asylum seekers with local communities.”

Adams also said Monday that it’s his “vision” to “take the next step to … faith-based locales and then move to a private residence.”

“There are residents who are suffering right now because of economic challenges. They have spare rooms,” Adams said.

If you have multiple personalities, can you say your other personality lives in your spare room to avoid having a migrant move in? I wouldn't let the person down the street stay in my home because I don't know them well enough, let alone someone from another country with a potential language and culture barrier - someone who has no idea what our laws are or possibly how to act.

And if you're wondering how much money is being thrown around for migrants, money that could have maybe been used to clean up the streets of NYC and provide shelter and job training for Americans, then take a look at what else The Hill reported:

If there’s a way around certain rules, he said, “we can take that $4.2 billion — $4.3 [billion] maybe, now — that we potentially may have to spend and we can put it back in the pockets of everyday New Yorkers, everyday houses of worship, instead of putting it in the pockets of corporations.”

The city continues to care for more than 46,000 asylum-seekers, according to the mayor’s office.

The influx of migrants in part comes as GOP governors bus or fly thousands of migrants north to Democrat-led cities in protest of immigration at the U.S.-Mexico border — and amid the end of the pandemic-era Title 42 immigration policy.

“This influx of asylum seekers is a serious crisis, one that New York City is facing largely on our own. It’s unfair and it’s not right that New York is going through this,” Adams said, adding that through the end of May, the city has spent more than $1.2 billion on the crisis.

My goodness.


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