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'You're just making it up': 5th grade teacher shuts down activist

A 5th grade teacher sparked controversy when he shut down an activist during an episode of Dr. Phil. The teacher put the activist in 'its' place over transgender ideology being taught in schools and if it belongs in schools or not. Most people say it doesn't belong, but there are still transgender activists who believe it does and should be forced into curriculums.

Fox News did a report on the Dr. Phil episode pointing out the following:

Dr. Phil hosted an episode on Thursday over gender "inclusivity" in schools, ranging from tampons being given out in boys’ restrooms to curriculum teaching transgender ideology. One guest argued that tampons being given out in boys’ restrooms would be a massive help to those who don’t have their own money. A 5th grade teacher however, replied with basic biological fact.

"Men do not menstruate. Only women menstruate," the teacher named Ray declared.

This got one of the acivists in the audience HEATED. The activist said: "Cis-men don’t menstruate, but trans men do menstruate, same as non-binary people... menstruating is not exclusive to women."

Except, menstruating IS exclusive to women because only a woman can menstruate? What is a woman? It's a person who can deliver, you know born with baby making parts and can get pregnant. It's not someone born with a penis and it never will be.

The Fox News report went on:

Ray cited biology about how being a male or female is designated by their chromosomes and argued women cannot become men.

"They’re not men… they’re women dressed as men. You are not a man. You can pretend to be a man, and that’s ok. That’s perfectly fine. Live your life," he said.

When people say 'I identify as' they are really saying 'I pretend to be' because they're not interested in being who they are, but instead, being someone they feel like they are.

At some point in the episode of Dr. Phil, Ray was interrupted and pointed out how rude it is to interrupt people. The audience member took it to another level by saying Ray was rude for denying people their gender identity. However, just because someone identifies as something, that doesn't mean the rest of us have to go along with their pretend gender or ideology. People can't force their fake pronouns on us and we're under zero obligation to use them.

The Fox News report quoted the heated exchange:

"I’d like to understand from your perspective why you don’t believe it’s rude and why you think you have a right to - when someone identifies a certain way - for you to tell them that that is not correct that particular gender or identity?" the audience member asked.

"Why do I feel that it’s right to tell them the truth?" Ray responded.

"But it’s not the truth," Jordan interjected.  

"The people who hate the truth" object to it "because they see the truth as hateful," he responded. "If you want to identify in any way you can, you’re free to do so. But that does not mean that the rest of us have to join that illusion."

And then the teacher drives the dagger into the gender ideology in one more statement that will crush things. He points out A FACT and it's one that should end most discussions on this topic:

A visibly upset member of the audience asked, "If a transgender person is not harming you or the people you love, why do you care so much?"

"Because you want us to care," Ray answered.

"No, I don’t want you to care, I want you to be quiet," she said. "I want you to stop being hateful."

"I disagree with you, and so you call it’ hate,’" Ray replied. "But there’s no hate in my heart at all."

pro-transgender march

"You are being hateful. When you tell somebody that identifies as a man that they’re not a man, that’s hateful," the audience member said.

"That’s not hateful," Ray said. "That’s a fact."


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