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Sen. Graham proves to be an establishment RINO in new video

Sen. Graham is seen here whining about the lack of money for Ukraine in the debt ceiling deal that was voted on. Graham has been one of the most useless Republicans in the last decade, proving time and again he's more of a vocal person who shows up for television or video moments, but when it comes time to get something done for the good of Americans, then he's usually nowhere to be found.

Lyndsey Graham is one of the most useless politicians America has ever had. He may sound literate and be able to read fluently from a note card, but he's right up there like useless John Fetterman for the Democrats.

Graham said on video: "Not a penny in this bill to help Ukraine defeat Putin! ... We need to send a clear message to Putin that when it comes to your invasion of Ukraine, we're gonna support the Ukrainians to ensure your loss. If we don't do that, then we're gonna snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory."


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