"First Amendment is done": Tucker Carlson tries helping man sentenced to prison after mocking Hillary Clinton

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Tucker Carlson is using his massive audience of 10+ million followers to discuss the case of a man sentenced to prison after he mocked Hillary Clinton on social media with memes. This is one of the most ridiculous things the entire planet has ever seen a guy get sentenced to jail for, because we literally make fun of politicians on the Internet every single day, we mock them in Sunday cartoons, and making fun of famous people is like a way of life. It's humor, it's fun, and it's NOT something that should get anyone in jail. However, in this one case, the man was sentenced to prison after dropping some hot memes mocking Hillary Clinton. Turns out the man either has really bad luck or someone had it out for him.

Tucker Carlson posted this video on his X profile with a link to the defense fun and the following words:

Ep. 38 The First Amendment is done. Douglass Mackey is about to go to prison for mocking Hillary Clinton on the internet. We talked to him right before his sentencing. Remember as you watch that this could be you.

TIMESTAMPS: (3:12) The Hillary Clinton meme (4:20) Hillary’s reaction (6:38) FBI raid Mackey is currently raising funds for his appeal.
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