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SAS sniper destroyed an ISIS executioner with the shot of a century Added: 13 September 2016 They certainly didn't see that coming!
Sick Hillary Clinton dips out like a public transit junkie Added: 12 September 2016 Ever see a heroin addict "dip" out? Looks just like pneumonia...
CHARGES DROPPED for Cab driver who killed wife's attempted rapist Added: 7 September 2016 Someone should have beaten Brock Turner like this.
38 perfect reasons why I won't vote Democrat Added: 6 September 2016 Enough laughs to make a transgender pick the right bathroom for once!
Russia thought THIS would slow down speeding drivers Added: 5 September 2016 I know one thing that's moving back and forth really fast and it isn't a car
Transgender Bearded Woman breastfeeding a baby Added: 5 September 2016 This is weird in so many ways, but it actually inspired me a little...
Girl gets tasered and runs over police officer with her car Added: 5 September 2016 She's really lucky she didn't get shot
Poor Urban America should stop voting Democrat Added: 3 September 2016 Too many cities have become broke or ruined thanks to Democrat leadership.