Nikki Minaj arrested in another country: report

Rapper Nikki Minaj was reportedly arrested in the Netherlands with the police suspicious of her possessing drugs. The video was posted on social media and she allegedly had a pre-rolled joint in her possession, but it's still somewhat unclear what the details really are and if she's been charged yet. In the video, the police officers were trying to tell Nikki Minaj what was going on, but she was putting up an argument and wanted a lawyer present, as reported on All Hip Hop:

"Because you’re carrying drugs,” to which she says, “I’m not carrying drugs. I’m not carrying drugs. I am not going in there. I need a lawyer present. No, I need a lawyer present now.” The officer then tells her, “You have to go to the police station […] you are under arrest.” She replies, surprised, “So I’m under arrest? Under arrest for what? I need a lawyer ’cause I don’t know where I’m going.”

To be fair, it would be rather silly to be arrested in Amsterdam for that, when Amsterdam is fairly friendly when it comes to those things. People are joking on social media on if America will trade another arms dealer for her, the queen of WAP.

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