Biological male wins best actress award at Cannes Film Festival

Canne's Film Festival just proved they are not serious about women as they gave the best actress award to a biological male as part of a group win - splitting the award among three actresses and one actor who identifies as an actress. That's right folks, any women hoping to win the best actress award just lost all hope for humanity when a male took the coveted prize home in the group victory, something Cannes probably did to make it into the headlines for woke reasons. The transgender, known as Karla Sofia Gascon, 52, was in the movie 'Emily Perez' which was about a guy turning into a woman to run from criminals. Daily Mail reported the following on it:

Madrid-born Gascon, 52, who starred in Jacques Audiard's musical comedy Emilia Perez gave an acceptance speech on behalf of the film's female cast, which won the best actress award as an ensemble on Saturday night. Female stars in the Spanish-language film included Zoe Saldana, 45, Selena Gomez, 31, and Adriana Paz, 44, who were not present at the closing night of the prestigious awards ceremony on the French Riviera.

Seems like Cannes wanted to be woke but this is likely to backfire on them as people who watch movies are likely to turn their back on the awards in the future. Anytime something goes woke like this, and tramples on the existence of real women for the sake of a guy dressed up like one, it doesn't usually go well.

It's important to remind people that Gascon didn't win the award himself, he won it with a group of real women. It's cool to see people like Selena Gomez doing well, but they shouldn't celebrate this like it's a real victory. It was a woke victory, but probably a loss overall for real women.
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