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Lindsey Graham defends Joe Biden, gets mocked as a 'snake' and 'mini-me' in warning to Trump

Republican (in name only) Lindsey Graham is seen on video defending President Joe Biden as classified documents show up in weird places that are linked to him, even dating all the way back to his time as a senator. It is very unclear why Donald Trump associates with Lindsey Graham, because Graham seems to be like one of the main creatures of the swamp that needs to be drained. Graham is one of those guys who shows up on camera for talking points, but never gets anything done. He's a wheeling and dealing mouthpiece who goes with the flow of the swamp so that he can stay afloat in it. He's not a solution, he's a problem, and the faster more people realize this, the better off the government will be if they could just get him out of office.

Even Steve Bannon called out Graham in a warning to Trump: "I have no earthly idea why he’s around Trump. He’s a cancer. Trump’s gotta be warned. There’s nothing good with having McConnell’s mini-me, the snake, around you at all."


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