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Former Fox News host fired moments before show started, reveals what happened

A former Fox News host went on the Megyn Kelly podcast show to talk about what happened before she was fired just moments before the show was supposed to start. Her name is Melissa Francis and she was about to begin the show and read from the teleprompter, but that's when she saw a "you've been canceled" message instead of the script. That's when she knew she was fired back in October of 2020. The Wrap did a report on it when Megyn Kelly had Melissa Francis on to speak about getting fired from Fox News. That entertainment news article said the following about the Fox News firing of Melissa Francis:

Fox claimed that her sudden disappearance from the airwaves was due to “program changes” related to the election, but her camp reportedly thought otherwise. She and her lawyer, Kevin Mintzer, wouldn’t confirm at the time that she had filed a gender-based pay discrimination claim against the network, as the LA Times reported in 2020.

Francis confessed that she and Fox hadn’t wrapped things up “amicably,” explaining to Kelly the sordid details: While preparing to do her 4 p.m. show on what ended up being her final day, Francis was notified by Mintzer that the network was letting her go.

“He got a call and he said that my services were no longer needed on the air and I said, ‘Well, they can’t mean the show in 10 minutes because we all know you can’t get an anchor in the chair that quickly.’ You know, I’m gonna just go over and sit in my living room for my second show. And then if they want me not on tomorrow, whatever it is, that’s fine,” she told Kelly.

Her at-home studio, she explained, was controlled remotely by Fox, so she was startled when the Teleprompter delivered the message, “You’ve been canceled,” instead of her script.


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