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Joy Behar suggests young Republicans are 'Dumb' and tries using presidential candidate as an example

Looks like 'The View' is taking heat once again after co-host Joy Behar suggested that young Republicans are dumb and tried to use Vivek Ramaswamy as an example. Turned out that was a bad idea as he's likely one of the more intelligent candidates running for president, although he doesn't have that much support. His education consists of graduating from Harvard College with a bachelor's degree in biology and later earning a J.D. from Yale Law School. Keep in mind that just because someone goes to college, that doesn't mean they're actually intelligent. You can be book smart but still be a complete idiot with no common sense or street smarts, both of which could get you much further in life than reading a few books in college if you're taking something like gender studies or another useless major. Vivek seems like a smart guy though, so Joy Behar really picked a bad example, especially considering what she does for a living compared to what he does. She's probably one of the dumbest people on television and he's just a random guy running for president. Joy Behar may want to sit this one out.


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