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"I think that's the greatest lie of all": Trump mocks Joe Biden's golf game during speech

Former President Donald Trump mocked President Joe Biden's golf game with some jokes during a speech. Trump said: "The worst is, did you ever see his golf swing? He said he's a six handicap. Six handicap is a good golfer. This guy can't hit a ball. I think that's the greatest lie of all." The American Tribune reported on Trump mocking Biden's golf game, adding the following commentary in a politics/sports news article:

Trump’s comment was likely a reference to a ranking of US presidents and their golf handicaps put out by Golf Digest. The rankings put Trump first and Biden second, giving Trump a very good 2.8 and Biden an unbelievable second place, 6.7. Given Biden’s seeming feebleness, the score, unless extremely outdated, was not believed by many people. One commenter, for example, said, “Not a chance joe Biden a 6.7 the man can’t even ride a bicycle properly let alone split a fairway.”


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