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AOC drowned out by angry New Yorkers, tried shouting over them

Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was drowned out by angry New Yorkers who berated her in public over the migrant crisis. Many people were shouting and she tried shouting over them. Jerry Nadler was tormented too. Trending Politics News had a lot to say about this as well, saying the following in a political news article:

In Friday’s press conference in New York City, Representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and Jerry Nadler (D-NY) faced a barrage of protests and shouts from disgruntled New Yorkers. The event, which was meant to address the ongoing illegal migrant crisis, quickly turned chaotic as both representatives were shouted down by vocal protesters.

New York City has been grappling with the arrival of over 100,000 migrants in the past year, putting significant strain on the city’s shelter system.

Ocasio-Cortez began her speech emphasizing the American dream and the need for increased federal resources to cities grappling with the migrant influx. “They are prevented from getting jobs, they are prevented from employment, and that is part of the strain on our public system,” AOC claimed. “The faster that folks can access the work that they’re asking for, legally, the better we can solve this problem.”


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