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Boebert kicked out of theater over 'disturbance', video shows

Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert found herself being escorted out of a Denver theater by police officers when she allegedly disrupted a musical. She allegedly caused a disturbance during the musical rendition of "Beetlejuice" and people complained, which prompted actions by staff to warn the congresswoman and any others about making so much noise, but then one thing led to another and police showed up, waiting to escort her out according to The Hill, who did a news article on the incident with Lauren Boebert in Denver. The video by 9News shows what happened.

The Hill reported that a spokesperson for Boebert confirmed she was escorted out of the theater, but ended up denying some of the behavior Boebert was accused of. There was also an incident report, but it did NOT have any names on it. It just said that two patrons were asked to leave because they were "vaping, singing, recording, and "causing a disturbance" according to the report. It's unclear who was doing what, but Boebert's spokesperson had more to say. The Hill further reported that Boebert denied the vaping allegation, but did take a photo, but did not know she wasn't supposed to record or film anything.

Three people had reportedly complained about the two people causing an alleged disturbance. Boebert later claimed on social media that she was one of the people who ended up being escorted out by police. The Hill said in a report:

“They told me they would not leave. I told them that they need to leave the theater and if they do not, they will be trespassing. The patrons said they would not leave. I told them I would [be] going to get Denver Police. They said go get them,” an usher said in the incident report, according to The Denver Post.

Police reportedly arrived and stayed in the lobby until the two patrons left.

Boebert joked about the incident in a social media post Tuesday evening.

“It’s true, I did thoroughly enjoy the AMAZING Beetlejuice at the Buell Theatre and I plead guilty to laughing and singing too loud!” she wrote on X. “Everyone should go see it if you get the chance this week and please let me know how it ends!”


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