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"Gutter Politics": Va. Dem candidate responds after alleged 'lewd' scandal finds her in spotlight

Democrat Susanna Gibson had allegedly performed 'lewd' acts on webcam site/s that allow people to give them "tips" for what they're doing. Then someone posted the Susanna Gibson leaked video online and now she's fighting back, calling it "gutter politics" as the video circulates the Internet. The video in question allegedly shows her fully undressed and on top of her husband. She's a candidate for the Democratic Virginia House of Delegates and now she's calling out people who leaked the video, suggesting it is dirty politics at best.

NY Post did a fine news article on the leaked videos of Susanna Gibson and her response:

Gibson, a 40-year-old mother of two who is running in a hotly contested race to represent the state’s District 57, hosted several live webcam shows on the adult streaming website *******, the Washington Post revealed in a bombshell report Monday.

The nurse practitioner has since railed against her political opponents, accusing them of engaging in dirty politics.

She called the controversy “an illegal invasion of my privacy designed to humiliate me.”

“My political opponents and their Republican allies have proven they’re willing to commit a sex crime to attack me and my family because there’s no line they won’t cross to silence women when they speak up,” Gibson told CNN in a statement on Tuesday.

“My opponent and his allies know that the people of this district are on our side on the issues, so they’re stooping to the worst gutter politics,” she added.

The video above is from a news clip that talked about Susanna Gibson's leaked video briefly. Wavy TV 10 reported the following: "Susanna Gibson, a Democrat running in a key race to determine control of the Virginia House of Delegates, called the leak of the online sex tapes of her and her husband "an illegal invasion of my privacy designed to humiliate me and my family."


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