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Manhunt for escaped murderer Danelo Cavalcante ends, captured in Eagles hoodie

The manhunt for convicted killer Danelo Cavalcante comes to a close as police finally captured him and he was wearing an Eagles hoodie, which had people in Philadelphia and South Jersey shouting "GO BIRDS" all over social media. Of course, no one beats Eagles fans. They're clearly the best sports fans on the planet and OF COURSE this dude had an Eagles hoodie on. Because OF COURSE HE DID!! Some guy in Chester County probably hung his shirt up on a clothesline and found out today it got stolen when he saw it on television being worn by the "spiderman" escape artist and convicted killer.

WBNS 10 TV reported more on the manhunt of Danelo Cavalcante in a quick blurb on YouTube:

Pennsylvania State Police say escaped murderer Danelo Souza Cavalcante has been captured after nearly two weeks on the run. State police announced Cavalcante’s capture on social media on Wednesday and planned a news conference announcing details for 9:30 a.m. Heavily armed police had descended on the South Coventry Township area, closing roads and telling residents to lock their doors. Cavalcante, 34, had broken out of the Chester County jail on Aug. 31 while awaiting transfer to a state prison to serve a life sentence for fatally stabbing an ex-girlfriend in 2021.

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