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CA courts may consider parent's affirmation of child gender identity in custody cases

Custody cases in California could become a lot worse thanks to a bill proposed that would have courts consider parents providing gender identity affirmation, or not, in heated custody cases. AP reported on this issue, which is being spoken about in the video above. As of now it seems very unclear what will actually happen. The bill is also being heavily criticized by people in the middle and to the right of politics. AP's news report stated this crucial information:

The California bill would make gender affirmation one factor among many that courts already have to consider in custody proceedings, including whether a parent has been abusive and how much contact the child has with the parents. If the state Assembly agrees to amendments made to the bill, it would still have to be signed by Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom to become law.

The bill would not require judges to prioritize whether a parent affirms their child’s gender identity over other factors. What affirmation looks like varies depending on the particular child and their age, said Assemblymember Lori Wilson, a Democrat who introduced the bill. She has an adult son who came out as transgender when he was a teenager.

Wilson said gender affirmation could include letting children play with toys associated with their gender identity, getting their nails painted or wearing their hair at a length that feels comfortable. The bill does not lay out specific requirements related to gender-affirming surgeries, which minors in California cannot undergo without a parent’s consent.


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