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Lori Lightfoot teaching at Harvard after failed attempt at being mayor

Democrat Lori Lightfoot is now teaching at Harvard university for at least one semester following her miserable run as the Mayor of Chicago. Lightfoot teaches a graduate level class focused on "health policy and leadership" which is kinda funny if you think about it. Chicago Sun Times wrote the following about Lori Lightfoot teaching:

Lightfoot said she’ll use a mock press conference, a simulated community meeting and guest speakers to teach in part about the dangers of politicizing a pandemic and how to interact with the media, drawing on lessons learned from running a city amid C-VID-19.

“I heard that from the students yesterday — they want to learn from somebody who’s kind of been on the front lines, and in the trenches,” Lightfoot told WBEZ after her first class. “But also how you bring people together in a moment of crisis, how you get things done, how you build lasting foundations to build on to address other issues that come up.”


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