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Vending machine with crack pipes installed - guess the Democrat city!

These vending machines aren't what you're used to. Forget about sodas and snacks, you can now get safe smoking kits with crack pipes and narcan in case of an overdose. To no one's surprise, this vending machine was installed in a Democrat-run New York City had it installed in Brooklyn on Monday. This vending machine with drug supplies is there in hopes to prevent the spread of disease by addicts abusing substances and sharing items, according to a report on Fox News.

The machine, which is Brooklyn's first public health vending machine, also has safe sex and hygiene kits. Perhaps spending all that money on migrants could have went to helping the addicts get back to a functional life. These products are available to anyone with a zip code in New York City. However, one must ask how does a homeless person with no identification get access to the items? That's unclear.

The Fox News report offered more information on why the crack pipe vending machine was installed in Brooklyn, saying the following in a health news article:
Officials say similar machines in the U.S., Europe and Australia have demonstrated effectiveness at reducing overdose rates and the spread of infectious diseases."

We are in the midst of an overdose crisis in our city, which is taking a fellow New Yorker from us every three hours and is a major cause of falling life expectancy in NYC," said Health Commissioner Dr. Ashwin Vasan in a statement. "But we will continue to fight to keep our neighbors and loved ones alive with care, compassion and action. Public health vending machines are an innovative way to meet people where they are and to put life-saving tools like Naloxone in their hands. We’ll leave no stone unturned until we reverse the trends in opioid-related deaths in our city."
The installment of the health vending machine has residents concerned, worried that it may increase the amount of addicts hanging out in their neighborhood. They're worried that even if the items help prevent diseases from being exchanged, could the machine lure criminals to the area as well? That remains to be seen with the vending machine so new.


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