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'I just swallowed a bug': Taylor Swift says at sold out show, caught on video

You don't see this every day, but Taylor Swift accidentally swallowed a bug during her sold out show in Chicago. It remains unclear what type of bug it may be, but no one really cares either. It was probably a gnat or some other little creature small enough to fit in the singer's mouth and all the way down to her tummy. She'll eventually poop it out either way, so honestly, who cares. Why is this even in the news? I don't know, but it is and Billboard reported on the Taylor Swift bug eating:
“I just swallowed a bug,” Swift moaned from the stage, where she covered her face and turned away from the crowd in her Evermore set, during which she was about lead in to “Tolerate It.” She tried to shake it off, unconvincingly saying that she’ll “be fine.” “It’s just so stupid,” she said, shaking her head and attempting to spit out the insect.
We're just here for moral support of the bug who has to now deal with being inside Taylor Swift and listening to her overpriced concerts. She's a good singer, but those prices for tickets are out of this world.


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