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Bud Light's Alissa Heinerscheid 'fratty image' video reveals train wreck was waiting to happen

Bud Light's Alissa Heinerscheid talked about the beer industry being a 'vice industry' and talked about the 'fratty image.' It really does show that a potential train wreck was waiting to happen as she focused on 'other people' and not the customers of Bud Light. As we later noticed that her decisions would cost Bud Light tons of money because she treated her job like an activism project instead of a marketing job with a sole purpose of selling beer - not making a 'this matters' difference.

Bud Light's Alissa Heinerscheid made terrible mistakes in marketing and Bud Light has seen weeks of sales declines take place as a result of partnering with a biological male who dresses as a woman - and is someone that the majority of Bud Light drinkers, and Americans in general, do NOT support.


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