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Student banned from graduation ceremony over 'no in-between' comment gets more bad news

A high school student was banned from walking in his graduation when he made comments about gender that the school would eventually punish him for. He's now received more bad news and says a job offer as a firefighter has been rescinded. According to the Idaho Tribune, the school faced the following: "Over 100 parents and students protested Kellogg High School's decision to punish a student for saying "Guys are guys and girls are girls. There is no in-between." In spite of today's protest, Travis Lohr will not be allowed to participate in the graduation ceremony."

The student was interviewed on 'Fox & Friends' according to The Blaze:

"Girls are girls, and guys are guys. There is no in-between," 18-year-old Travis Lohr recalled saying, as KHQ reported.

Lohr made the off-script comment at a high school assembly where seniors at Idaho's Kellogg High School offer a piece of advice to younger students.

More than 100 parents, students, and community members gathered Friday to protest the school's decision to ban him from participating in the graduation ceremony over the remark, according to the Idaho Tribune.

I didn’t direct it at any groups or anything like that; it was just something I chose to say in the moment," Lohr also told the outlet, adding that his remark was met with an "uproar of cheers."

Lohr said he was not asked to say sorry for his comments, and if he was asked, that he wouldn't apologize anyway because he believes in what he said and he's ready to stand by it. He was further quoted on The Blaze, who also mentioned how the male student lost a job he had lined up:

"I wasn't able to walk at graduation. My offer to work for the forest service was rescinded," Lohr also said.

Lohr told Campos-Duffy he was slated to start work Sunday, but when he went in to complete the final paperwork, his boss informed him he was rescinding the offer. He described the job as "fighting wildland forest fires."

"That's part of life, as I am learning, and I am going to continue to grow from here. I'm not going to dwell on it."

"I don't believe I would have been punished at all, personally, if I had said 'black lives matter,'" Lohr told Campos-Duffy.

"For this to happen over what I said, it's just controversial ... If people speak up like I did ... it seems frowned upon. You can be punished for it, obviously, like I'm being punished," Lohr said.

Idaho state rep Heather Scott had something to say about this on Twitter. She said the following in a long tweet:

UNACCEPTABLE! The Shoshone County Kellogg High school graduation is canceled for all students! So how I am understanding this is:

1. A student speaks scientific truth at a school assembly (“Guys are guys and girls are girls. There is no in-between.”)

2. Science denier “adult” teachers were offended.

3. The student was punished and is now forbidden to participate in graduation.

4. Parents, students, and community members voiced their concerns in a peaceful protest.

5. The school then fired an off-duty bus driver for joining the peaceful protest!

6. The Shoshone County Sheriff’s Office informed the school of concerns about “safety”

7. The school will now punish the entire student body and community by postponing graduation for all students.

* It turns out that one of the “offended” teachers is married to the sheriff.

I have called the principal for and explanation, but no return call. I hope they’re not on the phone turning in the names of parents to the FBI as “domestic terrorists.”

You get better government by getting better people in government. The community should be outraged! Shoshone County must rally around truth and our first amendment rights! Contact your elected schoolboard members and sheriff for more details on their decisions.


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