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'No one watches CNN lol': Network accused of lying about Daily Wire documentary, torched by Elon right after

People on social media are accusing CNN of lying about a documentary that involves Matt Walsh of the Daily Wire. The documentary 'What is a Woman' talks about transgenderism and issues revolving around it. Most of the documentary is Matt Walsh interviewing people from various locations in the world about men and women and eventually asking them to define what a woman is. Many of the people he asked have trouble doing so, except for the African tribe who describes women as someone who "delivers" meaning has babies.

The CNN news anchor in the video says the 'What is a Woman' documentary is an "anti-trans documentary" that could be "potentially harmful content." However, it's not harmful to anyone. In fact, it's more enlightening to the reality of it all. It's something that every parent should watch, according to Elon Musk, CEO of Twitter. Elon Musk saw the CNN clip and joked about CNN, saying: "I’m tempted to say that this will drive viewership of your movie, but … no one watches CNN lol."

Well, some people still watch CNN, but not that many anymore. Their ratings and numbers don't look so great lately compared to other networks.


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