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Boebert said 'debt limit deal is bad for America' then missed the vote on it

Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert, who makes six figures working in politics, is being slammed by upset Americans who are mad she missed the debt ceiling deal vote. Rep. Lauren Boebert said she would vote no and said the deal is bad for America, but then missed the vote and chance to help make a difference. This has Americans wonder if she took side deals to not vote.

Boebert said on Twitter: "The debt limit deal is a bad deal for America. As the bill is currently presented, my vote will be NO on tomorrow's anti-deal.  Unit then, I hope the House will either amend it or kill it entirely."

CBS News reported on it, having almost an explanation on why Lauren Boebert missed the debt ceiling deal vote:

Colorado Congresswoman Lauren Boebert missed Wednesday's debt ceiling vote. The Republican representing Colorado's 3rd congressional district had vocally opposed the bill leading up to the vote. Boebert's office said that she filed a missing vote form that states she would have voted no.

Lauren Boebert is making over six figures a year as a representative and could not get her job done. Republican Americans who hoped for her vote to help defeat the Biden/McCarthy debt ceiling deal are now disgusted with Lauren Boebert and her inability to do a good job.

The deal passed and is now moving to the Senate where it will likely pass there as well.


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