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Bruce Springsteen takes hard face-first fall on stage

Legendary singer Bruce Springsteen was seen taking a hard face-first fall on stage during one of his concerts. The singer seems to shake it off and will likely be OK, but that looked like it hurt for a guy his age of 73. Good thing the E Street Band was there to help pick him up. People reported on Bruce Springsteen's fall in an entertainment blog post saying the following:

Members of the E Street Band then rushed over to Springsteen, 73, and helped lift the Grammy winner back onto his feet. He then made light of the moment and yelled, "Goodnight, everybody!" He was kidding, of course, because he was only a few songs into the show, which continued without any more issues. The European leg of Springsteen's ongoing tour continues through July 25, and then he'll head to North America for a string of shows from Aug. 9 through Dec. 10.


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