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Justin Trudeau confronted over unproven rumor about teen girl or student's mother

Canadian Justin Trudeau was put on the spot regarding a rumor he had a sexual relationship with a teenage girl or a student's mother while he was a teacher at the West Point Grey Academy from 1998 to 2001, and that the alleged relationship is why he left teaching. However, there is no public information available to support the claim and prove this happened one way or the other. As of now, it's nothing more than a rumor until someone comes forward with glaring evidence to back it up.

Snopes did further research on this, pointing out sources and other info. The same information is available on other websites too, so it's not particularly biased. There's also no real information about Trudeau's alleged scandal on other websites either. It's just all allegations and no evidence. Snopes reported:

The reports and social media posts which made that claim either did not cite any sources or cited only anonymous and unspecified sources. Furthermore, Trudeau has given plausible explanations for his departure which do not involve any sex scandal, namely that he was disillusioned with school administrators' conservative approach to certain policies and that he simply wanted to move on in his career -- two different but not contradictory reasons.

That Trudeau's departure from the school had nothing to do with any sex scandal was corroborated by a statement issued in October 2019 by the school's principal during the period in question.

Furthermore, no publicly available evidence supports the claim that Trudeau or his representatives have endeavored to suppress or cover up the supposed sex scandal. The fact that in October 2019, Canadian reporters made public their investigations and inquiries into the rumors actually undermines the credibility of the claims, since no reporting has yet emerged which would corroborate the allegations against Trudeau.


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