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72-year-old man eaten by 40 crocodiles

A 72-year-old Cambodian man was accidentally devoured by about 40 crocodiles when he fell into an enclosure at a family reptile farm, according to police. The man, Luan Nam, was trying to get a crocodile out of a cage where there was crocodile eggs. The man was using a stick to poke the crocodile towards the direction he wanted it to go, but the croc grabbed the stick and pulled the man in, according to CBS News:

The main group of reptiles then set about him, tearing his body to pieces and leaving the concrete enclosure at the farm in Siem Reap awash with blood.

"While he was chasing a crocodile out of an egg-laying cage, the crocodile attacked the stick, causing him to fall into the enclosure," Mey Savry, police chief of Siem Reap commune, told AFP.

"Then other crocodiles pounced, attacking him until he was dead," he said, adding that the remains of Luan Nam's body were covered with bite marks.

One of the man's arms was bitten off and swallowed by the crocodiles, he said.

Luan Nam was the president of the local crocodile farmers' association but his family may now sell his stock, after urging him for years to stop raising the reptiles, commune chief May Sameth told AFP.


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