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AOC goes on MSNBC to whine about Trump and 'shameful' CNN townhall

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez went on MSNBC to complain about CNN having Donald Trump on a townhall. AOC says it put someone at risk and goes on a longwinded rant saying the following:

What we saw tonight is a continued demonstration of the sacrifice that women and survivors of sexual abuse across the country of all genders, experience, and the sacrifices they make in order to come forward and challenge power. And what we also saw tonight was the consequences of that. They sacrificed their anonymity. They sacrificed their safety. And they sacrifice all of this because we continue to live in a society where an overwhelming amount of structures allow this abuse to happen and find it permissible. I know you said earlier you will not comment on the platforming of such atrocious disinformation, but I would. I think it was a profoundly irresponsible decision. I don't think that it would, I would be doing my job if I did not say that. What we saw tonight was a series of extremely irresponsible decisions that put a sexual abuse victim at risk. That put that person at risk in front of a national audience, and I could not have disagreed with it more. It was shameful.

Say whatever you want about Donald Trump, but voting for him is better than any Democrat on the planet. Democrats are destroying America with backwards policies, woke politics, and bizarre nonsense like letting men go into women's spaces, sports, and even prisons. There was at least one biological male who was entered into a women's prison facility and sure enough two women were impregnated. Democrats are destroying society and everything that is normal.

A vote for any Democrat is vote to destroy everything that is good with America and replace it with garbage.


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